STRATSERV GHANA LIMITED is a duly registered company under the laws of Ghana with registration number CS313232017 which aims to develop talents and align them with the visions and goals of the organisation within which they operate. We facilitate strategic management efforts because we understand that the human resource of any organisation is key in aligning their visions with actual results.




We believe in the use of creative and innovative ways of attracting and selecting new members of an organization and so we operate differently from the norm.

We move beyond jobs to focus on careers; this helps us recruit professionals who are not only qualified for the job, but whose career paths/goals align with our clients’ organisational vision and culture. This creates an environment for innovation and fresh ideas which will help the organisation meet their strategic goals.

Personnel Development

We have built a reputation for recruiting and training high-calibre candidates for employers, and working with them to develop their organizational capacity through advisory services and corporate training.

We work with employees to outline their career paths within, through individual career coaching, mentoring and workshops.

HR Outsourcing

We transform the HR department of organizations through our unique HR modules. Our targeted solution based modules are designed to transform the HR department to the highest standards.

Business Consultancy

  • Business Advisory & Start-up Services

We believe organizational development strategies are key in changing the course of businesses to make them more effective and well-aligned to their visions/goals.
Our business  advisory efforts help our clients to identify their needs and strategize on how to meet those needs. Ultimately, we help our clients to align the mission and vision of the organization with its strategy and operations.


  • Product Outsourcing & Management

We help our clients to successfully distinguish customer requirements from product requirements, helping them to balance functional, desired requirements with consideration of time and cost in order to deliver products that meet immediate market needs.

Our highly experienced consultants help our clients to stay focused on customer and market value and understand how core features are used to meet customer expectations and deliver a memorable experience.

Business Support

  • Immigration Support Services

We understand how important immigration services is to companies with expatriates, we at Stratserv provides express, standard and professional services for;

Visa on Arrival (VOAs), Work/Residence Permit, Rotator’s Permit, Police Clearance, Non-Citizen ID Card, Re-entry Business Visa and Visa Extension is to

  • Due diligence Service

We are the best in executive-level background checks.

  1. Potential business partners, 
  2. Expert witness resume verification,
  3. Pre-employment background checks,
  4. Pre-investment background checks | Corporate background checks
  5. Board Directors,
  6. Trustees,
  7. CEO,
  8. CFO,
  9. and other key executives,

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